In 2010, Foster Medical Communications divided into Foster Medical Visualization, Inc. and Foster Medical Editorial, Inc. Both entities continue to provide medical imagery and writing that is clear, accurate, and compelling!

Craig Foster, Owner, Foster Medical Visualization, Inc.

Craig Foster is an award winning medical illustrator and animator who has produced illustration and animation for clients including W.L. Gore, GE, Phillips, Baxter, Maquet, Roche and Time Life Medical. A member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and a Certified Medical Illustrator, Craig has completed formal training in the arts and medical illustration.

For more about Craig, see his resume and what we do.

Rosie Foster, Owner, Foster Medical Editorial, Inc.

Rosie Foster has been a medical writer and editor since 1984. She has produced a wide range of medical writing projects for both lay and academic reading audiences, including patient education brochures and videos, continuing medical education publications, and journal articles.

For more about Rosie, see her resume and read samples of her work.

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